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The last few weeks have been extraordinary: a black man was shot 7 times in the back and paralysed for life; just 28 people have amassed half the world's wealth; the hottest temperature on Earth ever was recorded - 54.4°C; divorce has increased by 34%; and depression by over 545% in the US.

This can't continue. Humanity will go extinct. There is an alternative though and you can help:

Have you ever been rejected? If so, we need to talk.  

We're looking for the misfits, the crazy ones, the artists with wild ideas, the visionaries... anyone who has ever been rejected to create the Masterpiece they were born to create.

We believe being rejected is a strength. It means you don't fit in and forces you to think different. And that's what the planet needs right now. It needs people like you to create your Masterpiece.

A Masterpiece is the greatest contribution you can make to yourself your family and society. It could be a book, a business, a retreat, a relationship. Whatever it is doesn't matters - what matters is it changes your world for good.

Imagine living in a world in which you love what you do all the time.

Imagine you love who you wake up with, look at your agenda and love what you see every day - the meetings, events, calls; and loving the uncertainty of not knowing quite what magic is going to occur, but knowing it will happen.

Imagine you love yourself so much you spend more time with your family, live where you love and enable your children or the world's children to pursue what they love too.

This is the world we are creating. In this world, inequality in all its forms and climate change dissolve as a global problem.

No, this isn't a dream. This is our Mission - a world where

81% of us love what we do by 1 July 2026

And this is where you come in. We need your help. We can't do this alone.

If this mission resonates with you, apply to join the ecosystem we are creating. We will help you to create and realize your Masterpiece so together, we can change our world for good.

The Four Elements of a Masterpiece

Your life can become a Masterpiece

1 -Health

Stop living in the past and pushing yourself to succeed by changing your relation to time so you experience true health and cultivate fertile ground in which your Masterpiece can grow.

2 - Influence

Stop abusing yourself and suppressing your creativity by changing your relationship to power so you create a Masterpiece that helps everyone grow.

3 - Love

Stop depending on others and creating unintended waves by changing your relationship to others so you experience true love and create a community of champions.

4 - Wealth

Stop devaluing yourself and projecting your fears onto money by changing your relationship to money so your Masterpiece generates true wealth for you and everyone it serves.

Your Masterpiece will change your world


  • Love what you do

  • Love where you live

  • Love who you are with

  • Love your health

  • Help the next generation pursue what they love

  • Change your world for good

The Program

What we cover

  • 02

    Module #1 | MISSION & MONEY | Alexander Inchbald & Peter Koenig

    • Introduction and overview of Module #1

    • The Inner | Outer Game: how you can change your world for good

    • The Vicious Cycles: how we get out of balance

    • The Infinite Loop: how we bring our Purpose to life

    • The Portal to Transition: how to change your world (Impact, Love, Wealth, Health)

    • Your Money Biography: your relationship to money

    • LIVE session #1: how to create your Personal Mission

    • LIVE session #2: how to reclaim your relationship to money

  • 03

    Module #2 | POWER & PURPOSE | Jean-Philippe Challandes & Alexander Inchbald

    • Introduction and overview of Module #2

    • The Keys to Transition: articulating your Personal Purpose

    • Your Power Biography: your relationship to power

    • Your Power Associations: what you associate with power

    • LIVE Session #1: changing your relationship to power

    • LIVE Session #2: articulating your Personal Purpose

  • 04

    Module #3 | ARTIST PROFILE | Alexander Inchbald & Gabriel Uribe

    • Introduction and Overview of Module #3

    • Discovering The Artist Profile: what are your strengths?

    • Defining Your Artist Profile: how do you create?

    • LIVE SESSION: what is your Artist Profile?

  • 05

    Module #4| MASTERPIECE | Kari Aina Eik & Alexander Inchbald

    • Introduction and overview of Module #4

    • LIVE SESSION: how to create a Masterpiece

    • LIVE Session: what is your Masterpiece - part #1

    • LIVE: what is your Masterpiece - part #2

  • 06

    Week #1 | 10 WEEK PLAN | Gabriel Uribe & Alexander Inchbald

    • Introduction and overview of Week #1

    • Your Daily 10 Week Plan: how to create your Masterpiece

    • EXAMPLE | Your ten-week plan using the Cycle of Life

    • EXERCISE: alternative 10 Week Plan

    • BONUS SESSION | From seed to ecosystem: how to realize our potential over time

    • BONUS SESSION: The ecosystem we are creating together: what role will you play?

    • LIVE SESSION: Sharing your 10 Week Plan

    • LIVE SESSION #2: sharing your 10 Week Plan - BONUS

  • 07

    WEEK #2 | POWER | Gabriel Uribe & Alexander Inchbald

    • Introduction

    • Using Morning Pages: clearing your mind

    • EXERCISE: Letting Your Light Shine

    • EXERCISE: Outshining others

    • TASK: Shining your light to influence your world

    • Creating your Masterpiece: what you can learn from painting in nature?

    • BONUS: understanding the types of Masterpiece

    • LIVE Session: final 10 Week Plans + Unleashing Power

  • 08

    Week #3 | Reclaiming Love

    • Intimate mirrors: who do you resist most?

    • LIVE Session: reclaiming your relationship to love

  • 09

    Week #4 | MONEY | Gabriel Uribe and Alexander Inchbald

    • Introduction and invitation

    • EXERCISE: Generating Value

    • BONUS: Creating balance between Inner and Outer Game

  • 10

    Week #5 | Another dimension of TIME | Gabriel Uribe and Alexander Inchbald

    • Introduction and invitation

    • BONUS: Accessing the Unified Field

    • TASK: Book your coaching call

  • 11

    Week #6 | The Value you Create

    • Introduction - exploring value and fear

  • 12

    Week #7 | Creating value for your community

    • Introduction - benefits and mindset

    • EXERCISE: Identifying the benefits of your Masterpiece

    • TASK: Inspiration to articulate your benefits

    • BONUS: developing your communications flow

  • 13

    Week #8 | Creating your Money Flow System

    • Introduction - generating money

    • CONCEPT: developing your Money Flow System

    • EXERCISE: Asking the right questions to generate money

  • 14

    Week #9 | Creating your 100 Day Plan

    • Introduction to 100-Day Plan

    • EXERCISE: developing your Action Plan

10 weeks to bring your Masterpiece to life

  • 5x 90 minute sessions by Zoom with WorldClass Coaches

  • 5x 90 minute creation sessions with buddies

  • 10x weekly 90 minute content sessions

  • Access to a community for questions

  • Access to 20 hours of videos, apps and tests

  • 2x 60 minute 1:1 calls to review progress


Learn from WorldClass Coaches

I help Changemakers change their world for good by creating the Masterpiece they were born to create. I paint in extreme locations all over the world to explore what it takes to be creative everywhere. I discovered when I stop resisting the environment no matter how extreme it is - blizzards, gale force winds, tropical storms - it stops resisting me. In this moment, there is no separation between me and it. I use these insights to help changemakers transition into the new emergent world. I published my first book #Balance in 2018 and am a bestselling author. I founded The (artist) inside, am a partner of Ashoka, a facilitator of Scotland's first Business Decelerator on the Isle of Bute, a Master Trainer at the Entrepreneur’s Institute, the largest community of entrepreneurs in the world. I am also a certified energy healer and NHR practitioner. I live in Switzerland with my beautiful wife and two wonderful children, Sasha and Daniel.

Alexander Inchbald

Extreme Artist and Founder of WorldClass Academy


Learn from WorldClass Coaches

Peter frees people from money blocks. He has been developing tools and systems to accelerate consciousness and human development for leaders for 40 years. He is an expert in Seminal Thinking, Behavioral Finance, and Organizational Architecture, and at the heart of his expertise is a series of deep insights on our relationship to money, the realization of Personal Purpose, organization and succession. His approach leads to increased self-knowledge and harmonization of monetary and life goals, an ability to handle a wider range of financial situations with competence an fresh ways of approaching topics as wide ranging as investment, the creation of money, insurance and an overarching view of money, past, present and future. He was a pioneer of Purpose work, the Open Space movement and organization transformation in the 1980s. His moneywork emerged out of the realization that the relation to money, a sensitive and taboo topic for most people, needs to be integrated into these processes. He is an Englishman, who was born shortly after WWII of Czech and Austrian parents, who lives in Switzerland with his life partner, Barbara.

Peter Koenig

Money Guru


Learn from WorldClass Coaches

Professor Dr. Jean-Philippe Challandes has spent the last 30 years exploring our relationship to power. He has a surgical ability to identify with precision what is blocking you from fulfilling your creative potential. He connects the dots between personal development, leadership improvement and sustainable business by drawing on a wealth of knowledge studying the transition to the post-crisis world. He teaches at the Bachelor’s, Master’s and MBA level at Business School Lausanne. For the last 20 years, he has taught a vast array of audiences – from children to adults – in a diversity of cultural and institutional contexts, including Bachelors, Masters, MBA and doctoral seminars. Originally a specialist of the Nation and State building process, he holds a PhD in Political History from the University of Brasilia. His 6 years of high-level international research led him to an international post-doctoral project that was completed at University Paris-Sorbonne. An expert of what is commonly described as “Modernity” – he increasingly became fascinated by Human Development both at collective and individual scales. Also operating as an independent consultant, he developed an approach strongly focused on values, which are as relevant to organizations as they are to individuals.

Professor Jean-Philippe Challandes

Professor of the Future

Kari Aina Eik helps business contribute to creating a sustainable world. She is the Founder of United Cities, based in Vienna, which is a global business platform facilitating cooperation between enterprises, investors, governments, international organizations and funding institutions. Her skill is to initiate business partnerships for development within areas of urban development/smart cities, energy, mobility, health, education and environment. Kari Aina previously worked 15 years for the United Nations as Advisor for multi-national and multi-stakeholder program development, fund mobilization and strategic communication initiatives.

Kari Ain Eik

Founder of United Cities

Coach, author, international speaker, present father and husband. After creating and losing two businesses in thirties, Gabriel made a tough decision. He chose to follow his calling, and discovered his life mission. Now, he teaches and accompanies others to create wealth without sacrificing their integrity. "CREATE PEACE TO LEAVE A LEGACY OF WEALTH"

Gabriel Uribe

Founder of Business Culture Academy

What they say

“I have rediscovered the source of my inspiration - who I am - and I'm so excited about helping hundred of species thrive in the cradle of humanity.”

Principal, Pathways to Performance

Sonia Stojanovic

“This program has changed my world in ways I couldn't even imagine - I am closer to my wife, my family and my patients... in short, I love my life again. Writing and publishing a book is a dream come true.”

Family Physician, Project Lead, South African Society of Travel Medicine

Garth Brink

“Alexander helped me to create room in this hectic world to express myself.”

Head of Innovation, Invitro

Bruno Chaves

15-18 December | 4.30-8pm Tokyo time 12-15 January | 4.30-8pm Zurich time

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