Magic lives within us and shines through us

Welcome home

Calling all parents and guardians of pre-teens and teenagers 10-14 years old to join us on this journey to help your child grow so we can live sustainably and purposefully. This is where all the children in the world who have ever been rejected or feel like they don’t belong can come together in a community, where their gifts are recognized and nurtured, a place they can call home.  

There is magic within every young heart. Humanity needs this magic to reinvent itself for the new, sustainable paradigm.

#Masterpiece | Magic is a journey. The journey that turns this inner magic into something magical—we call it a Masterpiece.   When we discover who we are - our purpose,  embrace our true selves  and  set our minds  free,   our creative juices flow.  We soar , we dance, and we  valiantly share our gifts with the world. 

We were all born to create a Masterpiece—the younger we are, the easier it is to discern what that is. Your child's Masterpiece could be a book, a song, an art piece,  an invention.   Nurture your child's sense of self worth, creativity and imagination. Then watch as your child unleashes their creative powers .

 The journey of life is like an ocean. Waves, storms, calm or agitated waters are all part of the ocean.  Each child copes with the stress of change (within themselves and the world) in different ways. With this program the child will learn to handle adversaries better. 

#Masterpiece | Magic is a journey like no other. It is uniquely created for the child's sense of wonder and well being  .  Custom made for the young eager mind so they find their authentic voice , own their story, learn about nutrition and more.
Let us provide them with tools to help them take the helm and better navigate this ocean we call life.   

Welcome home!

Become an Inner Game-Changer

Align with who you are

Be in alignment to who you are and live your life's purpose.

Magical Me
I love all of me. What makes me me. I embrace who I was yesterday, who I am today and how amazing the me of tomorrow will be.

Magical Mindset
I am here 100 percent. I give my 100 percent attention fully and completely in all that I do. I overcome the negative thought and turn them into joyful thoughts.

Magical Body
I empower myself to make healthy choices in my daily life.

Magical Skills
I create in my own unique way, as a Creator, Calculator, Collaborator, Choreographer. I have my unique purpose in life.

Upgrade your Outer Game capability

Be the gift that gives

The embodied self is one who is inspired and has passion for action. Be YOU! Just as you are. Unique as YOU are pick up the paint brush or a pen or a camera, or a microphone, speak up, be heard and be proud of who you are. What gifts and tools can you share and create? Enjoy, be free and make an impact in your community. Create your mini masterpiece.

What is my master genius idea that will create impact? Is it a song, an art piece, a book, or a photograph that captures my master genius idea. What value and impact does it create? . What is my promise? .

7. WHO
Who is this masterpiece designed for? Who needs this? Who benefits from this? Who will really enjoy this creation this genius idea?

8. HOW
How do I live my true purpose? How do I present share my master genius idea to create waves of change and impact? Why I matter. Why my values matter. Create my magical virtues board. .

When do I do what? Create my manifesto - a Roadmap from the future that brings your Mission and Masterpiece to life in the present.

Enable your child to bring their magic to life

Fly and Soar

  • Guide the child to celebrate and embrace their uniqueness

    Teach children how to accept who and all that they are . To be proud of themselves and to shine like the star that they are.

  • Foster your Childs Creative thinking power

    Teach them how to think not what to think. Enable creative thinkers that think outside the box.

  • Help the child find purpose

    Unleash the Childs powers within and Ignite passion. When aligned to who they are. The child will learn to keep going even when faced with challenges.

  • Your child yearns to be heard

    Having the child know their choice, opinion, feelings and emotions are important and valued gives them a voice that promotes self esteem and self worth.

  • Promote Good Health & Nutrition for Children

    Encouraging kids to live a healthy lifestyle by teaching kids about nutrition and healthy food choices.

  • Unlock their creative magic

    Spark courage and passion and inspire the child to express their gifts to the world

The Program

What we cover

  • 01

    Let us Begin!

    • Welcome - 8 Week Summary and Modules

    • Reward List

    • What you Will Need

    • Photography and Art Challenge Instructions

  • 02

    Module #1 | Magical Me | Amor Marquez Chibanda & Alexander Inchbald

    • Photo or Art Challenge Instructions Brief

    • Magical Me Photo Art Week 1 Day 1

    • Magical Me Photo Art Week 2 Day 2 My Pet

    • Magical Me Photo Art Week 1 Day 3 My Musical Instrument

    • Magical Me: Week 1 Day 2 My Pet

  • 03

    Module #2 | Magical Mindset | Alexander Inchbald with Amor Marquez Chibanda

    • Art or Photo Challenge Text

  • 04

    Module #3 | Magical Body | Shannon Simpson with Amor Marquez Chibanda

    • Week 3 Day 1 : Segment on Sugar - by Shannon Simpson

    • Week 3 Day 2: Food Labels

    • Week 3 Day 3: Whole Foods

    • Week 3 Day 4: Three Brains

    • Week 3 Day 5: Shake

  • 05

    Module #4 | Magical Skills | Alexander Inchbald with Amor Marquez Chibanda

    • Artist Profile

    • Artist Profile Rate yourself

  • 06

    Module #5 My Masterpiece Genius Idea | Alexander Inchbald with Amor Marquez Chibanda

    • Is it a song, a book, an art piece, an invention

  • 07

    MODULE #6: Who do I create my Masterpiece for? Alexander Inchbald with Amor Marquez Chibanda

  • 08

    MODULE #7: Why I matter | Amor Marquez Chibanda with Shannon Simpson

    • Create Your Values Virtues Board

    • Value Proposition

    • EXCERCISE: Letting Your Light Shine

  • 09

    Module #8 | My Masterpiece Manifesto | Amor Marquez Chibanda

    • My Masterpiece

8 weeks to change your world

  • 8 x modules with World Class coaches over 8 weeks

  • Access to videos and slides

  • Access to a community for questions

  • Bonus #1: 2x 30 minute 1:1 calls to review progress

  • 1x 60 Minute Parent Online / Parent Evolution Meeting

  • 1 x 60 Minute Parent Online Meeting Change your Relationship to Money

  • 5 x Parent Online Webinar on Health Choices and Sugar


Learn from WorldClass Coaches

A creative and motivated child wonderment photography coach. Experienced in teaching pre- teens and teens. Developed and created the first photo workshops for Children in Gaborone. The first Kids photo workshops were held at Northside Primary School Botswana. Other photography services include corporate product and portraits. Clients served: Lansinoh. Premier Workwear. Botswana Telecommunications Corporation. Cleanico. Fine Pharma. Weblogic and more. Her experience in editorial & customer service & management. All have contributed to her passion for people and creativity. In her words she says: “I've spent the last few years trying to figure out answers on how to navigate myself in this vast ocean of life . Only to discover the secret key. The key to unlocking the creative self and living in alignment to who we are. The key is in us, with us all along. " “An important element for children is love and connection. As a coach, I have had the joy of guiding kids ages 9 years old to 14 years old. Children learn and grow with self satisfaction . They yearn to be appreciated , applauded and accepted.” As a writer her work includes- My healing journey through Graves Disease. Listening to my inner voice. As a coach, she is committed, lively , engaged and has a love and passion for what she does . She inspires and motivates through love and creativity. Amor Marquez-Chibanda Child Wonderment Photography Coach |Writer

Amor Marquez Chibanda

#Masterpiece Magic

Instructor Bio

I know what it is to feel insecure and uncertain. Everyday I balance raising two special needs children with making time for myself. I’m also a breast cancer survivor who’s not only juggled twins but also a husband who was dealing with a serious work injury. Many of us feel overwhelmed at times juggling health conditions, family and our own needs. I’m here to offer you natural ways to manage your feelings and create the balance you need. In my journey to find balance I attended the Institute of Holistic Nutrition to learn more about supporting my mind, my body and my family. I learned about food as medicine, supplements to support the body and mind, meditation, herbs/plants that heal, inferred saunas, energy medicine, the importance of community and learning to believe in my body. Our bodies have an innate ability to heal… we just need to give it what it needs. I have always been interested in health, exercise, outdoors and wellness. These passions lead me to UBC and Douglas College where I graduated with a Bachelor of Human Kinetics, Therapeutic Recreation Diploma and a Personal Training Certificate. I implemented therapeutic recreation programs for women in corrections, people with disabilities and seniors in extended care. My career in therapeutic recreation gifted me with a deep understanding of what it is to live with loss. I have always had a deep empathy for others who are dealing with physical, mental and emotional trauma. Holding space for people through difficult times has always been easy for me and something that I want to continue to share with the world. I have enjoyed scuba diving, motorcycling, photography, ocean swimming, hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding, boating, Tae Kwan Do, running, marathon running, mountain biking, cross country and downhill skiing, surfing to wake boarding. I have also backpacked across Vietnam, climbed Mount Baker and hiked the West Coast Trail. I have discovered that physical activity along with nutrition are great tools for managing anxiety, helping us to stay in touch with our body and keeping our minds calm. I know what it is to play small and I have learned to step into my power and I want to help you to shine your light too. Let me help you show the world who you really are.

Shannon Simpson

#Masterpiece Magic

Instructor Bio:

I help pioneers to create their Masterpiece—their portal to a sustainable world. Over the last few years, I have helped thousands of leaders articulate their Purpose and create their Masterpiece. I have worked on all of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for orgnanizations like the United Nations, WHO, UNICEF, Gavi, The Global Fund, the International Committee and Federation of the Red Cross, HP, Roche and Samsung. My insights are based on painting in extreme locations all over the world. They taught me when I stop resisting the environment no matter how extreme it is - blizzards, gale force winds, tropical storms - it stops resisting me. In this moment, there is no separation between me and our world—we are creating it every moment of every day. I published my second book #Masterpiece in 2020 and became a bestselling author. I have also contributed to two other bestselling books. I founded The (artist) inside, am a partner of Ashoka, a facilitator of Scotland's first Business Decelerator on the Isle of Bute, a Master Trainer at the Entrepreneur’s Institute, the largest community of entrepreneurs in the world. I am also a certified energy healer and NHR practitioner. I live in Switzerland with my beautiful wife and two wonderful children, Sasha and Daniel.

Alexander Inchbald

Extreme Artist and Founder of the #Masterpiece Movement

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"It's ok to be me... and allow my inner wisdom, my Inner Game to lead my skills and capabilities"

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"Don't write a book unless you have to... but I have to. It was not possible not to do it."

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"The time has come to raise our consciousness... if not now, then when? If not you, then who?"

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"My intention is to become love... embodying love for myself, so I accept others"

Begins June 6, 2022 Join us with your child to find out more on our Preview Session on May 24, 2022 5pm CAT/8am PST


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