Change your world

What do you love?

What would you do if you had all the time and money in the world?

You would create your Masterpiece - the greatest contribution you can make to yourself, your family and society.

It could be a project, program, product, business or a book that changes your world for good.

If you are a CEO, Founder or leader of a community and have ever been rejected, this is your personal invitation to join us.

We're looking for the misfits, the crazy ones, the leaders with wild ideas, the visionaries... anyone who has ever been rejected to create the Masterpiece they were born to create.

We believe being rejected is a strength. It means you don't fit in and forces you to think different. And that's what the planet needs right now. It needs people like you to create your Masterpiece.

The last few months have been extraordinary: just 28 people have amassed half the world's wealth; the hottest temperature on Earth ever was recorded; and depression by over 545% in the US.

This can't continue. Humanity will go extinct. There is an alternative though and you can help:

Imagine living in a world in which everyone loves what they do all the time. Imagine you love who you wake up with, love who you work with, love where you live and enable others to love what they do too.

This is the world we are creating. In this world, inequality in all its forms and climate change dissolve as a global problem. No, this isn't a dream. This is our Mission - a world where

81% of us love what we do by 1 July 2026

And this is where you come in. We need your help. We can't do this alone.

If this mission resonates with you, apply to join the ecosystem we are creating. We will help you to create and realize your Masterpiece so together, we can change our world for good.

Your Masterpiece will change your world

What will happen

  • Love what you do

  • Love where you live

  • Love who you are with

  • Love your body

  • Help the next generation pursue what they love

  • Change your world for good

The Four Elements of a Masterpiece

What you will create

1 -Culture

Stop pushing yourself to succeed by changing your relation to time so you experience true health and cultivate fertile ground in which the seed of your Masterpiece can grow.

2 - Idea

Stop suppressing your creativity by changing your relationship to power so you your Masterpiece grows through you.

3 - Community

Stop creating unintended waves by changing your relationship to others so you experience true love and create a community of champions.

4 - Money Flow System

Stop running after money or pushing it away by changing your relationship to money so your Masterpiece circulates true wealth between ALL your stakeholders.

The Cycle of Life

Four Worlds

Where it will happen

1. Power & Purpose | The Cradle of Humankind | South Africa

We start by going back to the source. The symptoms of imbalance - the climate crisis and inequality - can be traced back to the dawn of civilization in Sumer. 5,000 years ago, your ancestors invented four things – money, marriage, slavery and (the measurement of) time – combined they separated you from you – the essence of you. Before Sumer, your ancestors survived by hunting and escaping being hunted by using their intuition – their 6th Sense – they were part of the ecosystems rather than separate form it.
 Each subsequent paradigm has reinforced and accelerated this separation.

Thus, to tackle these symptoms, we need to create outside the manmade system - and to do that we need to go to the root cause - to reconnect to all that is. In the Cradle of Humankind, under African skies, in front of burning fires and surrounded by wild animals, you will rekindle your connection to Source. We will help you to articulate your Personal Purpose and unleash the true power of Creation within you.

2. Money & Mission | Montagne Alternative | Swiss Alps

From here, we move to the Swiss Alps where we will help you imagine what is possible to change in your world. Switzerland is synonymous with money - the last great taboo. We talk about money less than sex, and yet, this is often what blocks us most from true creation. On the route pilgrims have taken for centuries up to the Grand Saint Bernard pass, we will help you change your relationship to money - so you are neither chasing it nor pushing it away - so you can envisage your journey, your Mission - the next chapter of your life. You will hike in the mountains, visit a chapel that has been open for 1,000 years and paint so can experience what happens when you stop resisting the elements around you.<br/>

3. Masterpiece | Ålesund | Norway

Our next stop will take us to the North coast of Norway, to one of the most beautiful cities in the world - Ålesund. Surrounded by mountains and Fjords, we will plunge into the soul of the Universe in order to help you create the Masterpiece you were born to create. Not only is Ålesund breathtakingly beautiful - it has also become a centre of innovation for business and cities to partners to realize the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. We will visit this hub thanks to our partner, Kari Aina Eik, who leads United Cities on behalf of the United Nations. It is the perfect setting to help you envisage your Masterpiece.

4. Realize Your Masterpiece | Isle of Bute | Scotland

Our final stop takes us to one of the most beautiful and accessible islands in Scotland and the home of Craigberoch - the world's first business decelerator. Here we will help you to develop your Communications Flow and Money Flow System in harmony with the seasons. You will stay at Mount Stuart House, a Masterpiece in its own right, have the opportunity to take a bracing dip in the North Sea with an ex-Royal Marine and celebrate the completion of #Masterpiece with a highland fling and  a wee dram of whiskey. You will then be eligible to join the #Masterpiece Alumni Community so you remain connected to your tribe.

BONUS | Working with your Team | Online | In person

To help you bring your Masterpiece to life within your organization, we will run a two-day retreat - either online or in person - with your management team. During this retreat, we will run through a mini-version of the entire program. Before the retreat, we will help each team member to articulate their Personal Purpose, establish their values and identify the strengths and weaknesses of the team. Then, when we meet, we will invite your team to share their Personal Purpose and values with each other. This is one of the most powerful conversations you can ever have with your team.  

Then, we will develop a Collective Mission for the next 3-5 years, before creating a Collective Masterpiece and 100 Day Plan to bring your Mission to life. The team will leave inspired with a new direction.  

In an additional step, we can also help your entire organization to assess how balanced their values are in relationship to the core and then help the closest to the core to articulate their Personal Purpose. This approach will help you to identify who you need coach inwards and who you need to celebrate out of the organization. It will help you to transform your entire organization.

The Program

How we will help you

  • 01

    Module #1 | POWER & PURPOSE | The Cradle of Humanity | South Africa

    • The Cycle of Life: returning to Source

    • The Inner | Outer Game: how you can change your world for good

    • The Vicious Cycles: how we get out of balance

    • The Infinite Loop: how we bring our Purpose to life

    • The Portal to Transition: how to change your world (Impact, Love, Wealth, Health)

    • The Source of Creation: articulating your Personal Purpose

    • Your Power Biography: changing your relationship to power

    • Your 9 month plan: transforming the future

  • 02

    Module #2 | MISSION & MONEY | Montagne Alternatif | Switzerland

    • Your Mission: creating the next chapter of your life

    • From seed to ecosystem: how to realize our potential over time

    • The ecosystem we are creating together: what role will you play?

    • Your Money Biography: changing your relationship to money

    • Morning Pages: clearing your mind

  • 03

    Module #3 | MASTERPIECE | Ålesund | Norway

    • Your Masterpiece: the four elements of your Masterpiece

    • Your Masterpiece: understanding the types of Masterpiece

    • Your Reality: accessing the Unified Field

    • Creating your Masterpiece: what you can learn from painting in nature?

    • Your Value Proposition: what you offer to who

    • Balance: creating balance between Inner and Outer Game

  • 04

    Module #4 | REALIZE YOUR MASTERPIECE | Isle of Bute | Scotland

    • Discovering The Artist Profile: what are your strengths?

    • Defining Your Artist Profile: how do you create?

    • The Benefits of Your Masterpiece: identifying how it benefits all stakeholders

    • Your Communications Flow: communicating in flow

    • The Flow of Life: generating true wealth

    • Your Money Flow System: generating value in flow

    • Your 100-Day Plan: looking to the future

6 Months to Change your World

  • 4x 3-day retreats in spectacular locations

  • 2-day management retreat with your team

  • 6x monthly group calls

  • 6x 1:1 coaching calls

  • Access to 20 hours of videos, apps and tests

  • Access to private community

WorldClass Coaches

Learn from WorldClass Coaches

I help pioneers to create their Masterpiece—their portal to a sustainable world. Over the last few years, I have helped thousands of leaders articulate their Purpose and create their Masterpiece. I have worked on all of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for orgnanizations like the United Nations, WHO, UNICEF, Gavi, The Global Fund, the International Committee and Federation of the Red Cross, HP, Roche and Samsung. My insights are based on painting in extreme locations all over the world. They taught me when I stop resisting the environment no matter how extreme it is - blizzards, gale force winds, tropical storms - it stops resisting me. In this moment, there is no separation between me and our world—we are creating it every moment of every day. I published my second book #Masterpiece in 2020 and became a bestselling author. I have also contributed to two other bestselling books. I founded The (artist) inside, am a partner of Ashoka, a facilitator of Scotland's first Business Decelerator on the Isle of Bute, a Master Trainer at the Entrepreneur’s Institute, the largest community of entrepreneurs in the world. I am also a certified energy healer and NHR practitioner. I live in Switzerland with my beautiful wife and two wonderful children, Sasha and Daniel.

Alexander Inchbald

Extreme Artist and Founder of the #Masterpiece Movement

WorldClass Coaches

Learn from WorldClass Coaches

Peter frees people from money blocks. He has been developing tools and systems to accelerate consciousness and human development for leaders for 40 years. He is an expert in Seminal Thinking, Behavioral Finance, and Organizational Architecture, and at the heart of his expertise is a series of deep insights on our relationship to money, the realization of Personal Purpose, organization and succession. His approach leads to increased self-knowledge and harmonization of monetary and life goals, an ability to handle a wider range of financial situations with competence an fresh ways of approaching topics as wide ranging as investment, the creation of money, insurance and an overarching view of money, past, present and future. He was a pioneer of Purpose work, the Open Space movement and organization transformation in the 1980s. His moneywork emerged out of the realization that the relation to money, a sensitive and taboo topic for most people, needs to be integrated into these processes. He is an Englishman, who was born shortly after WWII of Czech and Austrian parents, who lives in Switzerland with his life partner, Barbara.

Peter Koenig

Money Guru

WorldClass Coaches

Learn from WorldClass Coaches

Professor Dr. Jean-Philippe Challandes has spent the last 30 years exploring our relationship to power. He has a surgical ability to identify with precision what is blocking you from fulfilling your creative potential. He connects the dots between personal development, leadership improvement and sustainable business by drawing on a wealth of knowledge studying the transition to the post-crisis world. He teaches at the Bachelor’s, Master’s and MBA level at Business School Lausanne. For the last 20 years, he has taught a vast array of audiences – from children to adults – in a diversity of cultural and institutional contexts, including Bachelors, Masters, MBA and doctoral seminars. Originally a specialist of the Nation and State building process, he holds a PhD in Political History from the University of Brasilia. His 6 years of high-level international research led him to an international post-doctoral project that was completed at University Paris-Sorbonne. An expert of what is commonly described as “Modernity” – he increasingly became fascinated by Human Development both at collective and individual scales. Also operating as an independent consultant, he developed an approach strongly focused on values, which are as relevant to organizations as they are to individuals.

Professor Jean-Philippe Challandes

Professor of the Future

Kari Aina Eik helps business contribute to creating a sustainable world. She is the Founder of United Cities, based in Vienna, which is a global business platform facilitating cooperation between enterprises, investors, governments, international organizations and funding institutions. She is Secretary General of United Cities Funds and OiER. Kari spent the first 25 years of her career working for the United Nations. She now coordinates 17 UN agencies and is developing the largest fund to realize the UN Sustainable Development Goals within cities. Her skill is to hear someone's unique talent and contribution to humanity and then help them to bring it to life.

Kari Ain Eik

Founder of United Cities

Coach, author, international speaker, present father and husband. After creating and losing two businesses in thirties, Gabriel made a tough decision. He chose to follow his calling, and discovered his life mission. Now, he teaches and accompanies others to create wealth without sacrificing their integrity. "CREATE PEACE TO LEAVE A LEGACY OF WEALTH"

Gabriel Uribe

Founder of Business Culture Academy

What our clients say about us

“With Alexander’s guidance, I had my team work on finding their Personal Purpose, sharing them with one another was one of the most meaningful team exercises I have ever done, it allowed us to understand each other’s passions and unite our energy to create a new Team Purpose that everyone sees themselves in.”

Chief Sustainability Officer, HP Inc.

Nate Hurst

“Alexander had one mission, to help our team become the change engine for Samsung. Not an easy task. He stripped back the team to understand ourselves on a 1:1 personal level using the tools contained within #Balance to unearth our strengths and ultimately our Personal Purpose. From that he brought our team together and created an understanding on the teams’ collective strengths and how we complemented each other and the potential we have if we worked together leveraging each others’ strengths. We finally then created a Team Purpose that was born out of our strengths and what we believe the future could hold.”

VP Strategy and Transformation, Samsung

Michelle Crossan-Matos

“These tools helped me translate the work I’d done in my personal life into my professional life and in the process move from CMO of a major fashion brand to CEO of an exclusive fashion brand. By the time I met Alex, I already had a coach and had attended many courses. What makes this approach and Alex special is it provides exactly what I need when I need it”

CEO, Chloé, Richemont

Riccardo Bellini

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